Monday, December 15, 2008

Man Cave

This is my new command central. This is the corner of our "guest bedroom" where I have thrown a desk, a light, and a chair. I have found that this is the most effective means to free myself from distractions as I study at home and try to cram all of that basic science stuff we need to know for the boards into my head. I call it my man cave because I like to keep the room somewhat dark with just my immediate study area illuminated. It helps me to focus, I think mainly because it is just beyond the reach of the audio from the TV in the family room. Also in this room is where I store most of my cool stuff that I don't want to leave in the garage. I have my road bike, hiking gear, fishing equipment, snowboard stuff, photography equipment, hunting stuff, cycling gear, random trinkets I brought home from Japan and a few large boxes full of toothpaste, floss and tooth brushes that I have picked up along my dental convention excursions pre-MWU. Scattered about are flats of bottled water that will make the rotation into the fridge as days go by. My man cave. Junk drawer or treasure chest, I can't quite decide. For the longest time I forgot this room was even in existance. it was nothing more than a closed door off of the main hallway. It now serves another function besides acting as a rug to sweep the junk under. This is my new command central.

Becuase of the work load in dental school. It is really important to have good study habits (which I have never had) and a place free of distractions. Every dental student needs a man cave.


The Founding Father said...
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jon & kara said...

I'm glad you found your man cave babe. Hope it serves you well, I think I do leave you alone more but we'll see.